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Butt Exercises For Beginners


It’s so easy to get started even if you’ve never had a great butt before.

I want to teach you this exercise that prevents you from having injuries or over exerting yourself.

You’re going to feel great and you can always move into more intermediate and advanced butt exercises once you master this very important one.

So using a chair, I’m going to help my stability and my balance. This is great for beginners who are just getting started.

So go ahead, pause the video and grab a chair so that you can practice along with me.

Okay, welcome back. Are you ready to get started?

You’re going to place your hands on your chair and I’m going to turn the side so you can really see my posture.

This butt exercise is called “Squats” and if you’ve done squats before and you hate them, please erase your mind and start over from scratch because you’ve never done squat with me like this. 

The squat is one of the most powerful exercises for your butt.

It really sculpts the back of the thigh as well as lifting and firming the butt so you’re going to love the result of this butt exercise when you do it correctly, it will actually feel really good.

It will give you a nice stretch while you’re toning the muscle.

Okay, so place your hands on the chair. It’s really great to have around hip distance.

So you just want to make sure that your posture can be straight and aligned, rolling your shoulders back and lifting your heart.

Feel the balance on each foot and spread your feet out just a little more than hips width apart.

Now once you feel completely balanced on both the right and the left side, you’re going to lift and spread your toes, rock forward, rock back so you’re finding balance in the center of gravity.

If you’re falling forward, just use the chair to push against so that you can really align your spine and your shoulders.

Now you get to decide how far to go down… we’re going to do this 5 times.

Every time I’m going to sink a little deeper, listen to your body using a chair, pushing up, go down.

And notice that when you sink down you can hold on to the chair for stability. When you come up, squeeze your butt, that’s what’s going to shape and tone.

Let’s do one last one sitting all the way down and then coming up. Squeeze. Oh, that feels so good doesn’t it?

So that’s your basic squat.

Now you can also change up the alignment of your feet. If you want to point your toes out, that’s going to get more into the middle of your inner thigh as well as tone your outer butt, this is a really great modification on the squat.

So let’s go on and practice it with a chair for stability.

Find your balance, forward and back, right to left. Then you take a deep inhale… and exhale. Now sit down and you’re going to squeeze as you come up.

You’re going to feel it in your thighs, you’re going to feel it in your legs. We’re going to do it 5 times. Take a deep inhale, and exhale on the exertion.

Feel so good, Right? Squeeze, okay if you want to go for a bonus we’re going to go down and pause for 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1.  Then simply squeeze and come up.

Now just shake it out and stretch it out. 

All right, so you just did 10 to 15 squats, feel good about yourself. Know that you can practice it for just a few minutes a day while you’re on the phone, or even while you’re watching TV.

So anytime you can, just grab a chair and practice your squats.

This is one of the best beginner moves for getting a great butt.

You’re going to find more stability, more strength, you’re going to watch as your butt gets more and more toned, your thighs get thinner and you have more power and strength in your whole body.

So practice this at least 3 times a week.

Let me know how you feel, let me know about your results in the comments below and thank you for sending in your suggestions.

This came from a viewer who was watching and said, “Andrea how do I do a squat? What’s the best beginner move?” So thank you for the suggestion.

If you’ve got an idea or a question on a video just let me know and I’ll make it for you.